Reference electrodes - series RCE, RAE, RME, RRE

These reference electrodes have the function of a second half-cell against the proper indicative ion selective electrode. They are produced even in a form of second bridge versions which makes filling of the second salt bridge according to the requirements of the customer possible. At the inferior part all these electrodes are terminated by sintered corund ceramics. The reference electrodes are usually delivered with BNC connector. Following the requirements of the customers, bananas can be mounted as endings of cables. The electrodes with such a banana ending are designated by the letter B in the price list. The electrodes designed PT have a so called pin tip on the end of the cable. The reference electrodes, type RCE103, RAE 113, RME 123 are delivered with a thin glass tube of a 5 mm diameter. These electrodes are used during polarographic measurements especially. The RRE 131 type has the reference RedoX system.

Series 101, 111, 121, 131 - single junction reference electrodes

single junction reference electrodes
bnc connector polarographic connector banana connector

 Series 102, 112, 122 - double junction reference electrodes

double junction reference electrode

Series 103, 113, 123 - single junction reference electrodes - thin end

single junction thin end reference electrode

Table of the reference electrodes parameters

Electrode  Type marking  Temp. range [°C]  Reference system  Inner electrolyte Type of diaphragm  Max. el. 
resist. [kOhm]
 Max. electrolyte 
leakage [ul/h]
calomel RCE 101 0-70 Hg/Hg2Cl2 sat. solution of KCl porous 
corundum ceramics
3 10
calomel with bridge  RCE 102 0-70 Hg/Hg2Cl2 sat. solution of KCl
/ 1M KNO3 bridge
calomel RCE 103 0-70 Hg/Hg2Cl2 sat. solution of KCl 3
silver - silver chloride RAE 111  0-80 Ag/AgCl 1M KCl 3
silver - silver chloride with bridge   RAE 112 0-80 Ag/AgCl 1M KCl
/ 1M KNO3 bridge
silver - silver chloride RAE 113 0-60 Ag/AgCl 1M KCl 3
mercury - mercurous sulphate RME 121 0-60 Hg/Hg2SO4 saturated sol. of K2SO4 3
mercury - mercurous sulphate with bridge RME 122 0-60 Hg/Hg2SO4 saturated sol. of K2SO4
 / 1M KNO3 bridge
mercury - mercurous sulphate RME 123 0-60 Hg/Hg2SO4 saturated sol. of K2SO4 6
redox RRE 131RX 0-80 Pt  3M KCl 6
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