Uses of conductometry

Among many other applications, conductometery could be used for:


Conductometers with integrated measurement of the temperature


These instruments could be characterized by simple controls and universal usage thanks to wide measuring range, which could be further extended by using conductivity cell with suiltable cell constant.

The instruments are able to resolute up to 0.01 µS on most sensitive range.

 DisplayMeasuring rangesRel. accuracyInputsSupplyType of the temp. probe
CDT-13and1/2 places LCD20µS/ 200µS/ 2mS/ 20mS+/- 2% Temperature, conductivityBattery 9VATC

Further features of the CDT-1 and CDT-2

Combined and multifunctional instruments

Conductometric cells

The firm Monokrystaly supplies these types of conductometric cells:
TypTypical value of the cell constantBody materialConductometric range for CDT-1, CDT-2, MPH-81 a MPH472Integrated temperature sensor
TMS 6011plastic0,01 µS·cm-1 - 20 mS·cm-1 NO
TMS 6111plastic0,01 µS·cm-1 - 20 mS·cm-1 YES
K100100-150glass100 µS·cm-1 - 2000 mS·cm-1 NO

The cells are in standard design, that means they have conductometric vessel. All cells listed have platinum electrodes coated by platinum black.

Application notes on listed cells

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