Electrodes series REDOX

redox electrodes

The combined redox electrodes have this designation. A sealed platinum or gold wire with the diameter of about 1 mm is used as indicating electrode. Ag/AgCl electrode is used as reference electrode. The reference system of the Ag/AgCl electrode is filled with 1  M KCl solution. The electrode serves for the measurements of the redox potentials of the solutions. The electrode body is made of glass with minimum leach.

Electrodes series PPE

platinum polarographic electrode

The platinum polarographic electrode ends by a thin glass tube with the diameter of about 5 mm and with a sealed platinum wire, the diameter of which is about 0,4 or 1  mm. The electrode is used for the measurements in polarography.

Electrodes series PPL

redox electrode with platinum sheet

These electrodes are platinum sheet electrodes ended by a platinum sheet with approximative dimensions of 2 x 6 mm. The electrodes are used as redox sensor.

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