Converters for industry

In industry is very often required to collect many system variables i.e. pressure, temperature or pH. For this purpose are usually used devices which we can call data converters. These converters use for communication usually current loops. There is a few variants of current loop transceiver, i.e. from-the-loop powered current transceiver. The current of current loop is usually between 4 and 24 mA. Non-zero current provides advantage of detection of broken lead.

Advanced potentiometric converter MPH71

MPH 71This converter is maily designed to cover needs of most of our customers to potentiometric metering. Basic control is suitable for operating in industry, where is converter set up only once and then only calibration of electrode is made periodically. Minimum of controlling buttons provides sure advantage of hard set sensitive parameters of conversion, which is not possible to modify by common manipulation.

Key features

Documentation MPH71  
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