Realized projects

Controlled neutralization in laboratory scale - IANCH Řež

Controlled neutralization in laboratory scale - VŠCHT Praha

Neutralization station Liglass, a.s.

Measuring set for Institute of hydrodynamics AVCR

USB milivoltmeter USB-M15

This instrument is able to sample signals from 15 selective (or REDOX) electrodes simultaneously using common reference electrode. Data are transmitted via USB port to PC. USB isolated from analogue part galvanically to avoid ground loops. The instrument is suitable for applications like chemical nose.

USB-M15 foto 1 USB-M15 foto 2

Panel conveter pH/mV/ion - current loop

It is re-made variant of MPH71 for panel mounting and suplying by 24V. It has quite small dimensions: 96x46 mm, montage depth 80 mm. It has LED display, so the value is always perfectly readable.

panel converter  
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