29.1.2024: New instrument in offer - MPH172
The instrument MPH172 is redesigned version of our basic ionmeter - MPH171, which has been retired after 20 years of production. The main advantages comparing to old MPH171 are lower power consumption, and higher available count of calibration points for ISE.

29.1.2024: New instrument in offer - MPH472
We are inovating our products, so we designed a new instrument for you - MPH472, which replades in our assortment type MPH471. There are several improvements comparing to MPH471. Among them, the vector voltmeter for measuring conductivity in high precision is the highlight.

14.3.2022: We have inovated calcium ISE
We are trying to continously inovate our products, that is why we this year inovated calcium ISE. Thanks to higher selectivity towards sodium it is possible to measure calcium content for example in seawater without significant interference of sodium. You can find the comparison of the new and the old mebrane as well as two competitor products in table bellow.

Interference Legacy type New type Competitor 1 Competitor 2
Ba2+ 3⋅10-4 ~10-5 1.4⋅10-4 not known
Mg2+ 8⋅10-5 5⋅10-5 10-4 5⋅10-6
Sr2+ 10-2 1.4⋅10-3 1.6⋅10-2 not known
K+ 8⋅10-5 ~10-6 2.5⋅10-4 2.5⋅10-4
Na+ 5⋅10-4 5⋅10-5 5⋅10-4 4⋅10-4
Li+ 4⋅10-3 5⋅10-3 3⋅10-4 not known

Starting this date, we shipping the electrodes with a new composition of the membrane. The calcium electrodes with legacy membrane composition will be available on request.

24.8.2021: Introduce to new instrument for fishkeepers and swiming pools
We decided to introduce new instrument for measuring pH and REDOX potential in aquariums and swiming pools - MPH11 and MPH12. These are very simple, with fixed calibration points. Instruments are equipped with microprocessor, so the calibration is very fast and simple.

1.1.2021: New instrument for happy new year!
After one year of the development we introduce new instrument for measuring pH, ORP, concentration and dissolved oxygen - MPH181. It is handheld instrument with integrated battery charger.

8.7.2019: New products in our offer
We developped conductometric cell for measuring in strong aklaline and acidic solutions - K100. This product is intended especially for breweries for checking cleaning solutions. We also present new variant of the construction of the pH probe - encapsulated in PVC body (01-29PV).

1.7.2019: New conductometers in our assortment
We spread our offer of the instruments to two conductometers. We started to offer CDT-1 and CDT-2. These instruments has both the same conductometric range however they differ by compatible temperature sensor.

2.4.2019: New instrument in our assortment
We announcing a new instrument MPH471 to 25th anniversary of existence our firm. It has LCD touchschreen, built-in GPS locator, Bluetooth and memory card reader. It is the first our instrument which can measure dissolved oxygen too.

10.1.2017: New invoicing and delivery adress
Firm has moved to new place of business since New year. Now we can offer better service for our customers thanks to better dispositions of building. Billing and invoicing address has changed too.

22.2.2013: New product - MPH81
After two years of development we finished work on our new product - cobined conductometer, pH/mV ion meter, with possibility of external temperature sensor connection. Instrument was developed as highly portable, what means that it has very low power consumption and possibility of battery operation. In addition, it has a USB connection, so it is possible to connect it to a PC. Communication protocol is very similar to MPH71 one, what means that you can use already existing applacations for MPH71.

22.6.2011: New product - MPH71
We would like to inform you about our new product - MPH71 - Advanced potentiometric converter. It is suitable for all our electrodes. These type integrates mV-meter, ionmeter and pH meter with temperature compensation. It also enables communication with PC or PLC via RS232 and current loop. Both outputs are galvanically isolated from measuring part to prevent influence of connected devices.

28.2.2011: New type of pH electrode in pricelist
For big interest from our customers we decided to add new pH electrode to pricelist - 01-29LR. This electrode is especially suitable for measurement in low temperatures (it has low electrical resistance). This is important because resistivity of each pH electrode is strongly dependent on temperature. If the electrode has resistance 100 Mohm at laboratory temperature, at zero it will be about 800Mohm. If there is longer cable needed (more than one meter), the measurement will be noisy and report bad values because of nonlinearity of input.

40 years of producing ise in our firm

 1.10.2008: 40 years of ISE
This year is 40th anniversary from beginning of the production of ion selective electrodes in our firm Monokrystaly. First notice about development of ISE in our firm was presented on meeting in Hungary in 1968 year (Veselý J., Jindra J.: IMEKO – Symposium on electrochemical sensors, p. 69, 1968, Veszprem, Hungary). First production of ion selective electrodes with plastic membrane in our firm was started in 1974 year (Semler M., Adametzová H.: J. Electroanal. Chem. Interfac. Electrochem., vol. 56, p. 155, 1974). First electrodes with membrane with mixed innorganic compounds were produced in 1977 year (Semler M., Mánek B.: Conference on ion selective electrodes, p. 529, 1977 Budapest, Hungary). Test of the first our electrodes carried out by Šůcha, Suchánek, Urner and coworkers from Institute of chemical technology in Prague, by Kotrlý, Vytřas and coworkers from University of Pardubice and by Šenkýř and coworkers from Masaryk University, Brno. Today our firm produce 20 types of ion selective electrodes, including gas sensing electrodes, many types of pH glass electrodes, redox electrodes, reference electrodes and pH-meters.

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