Ion-selective electrodes

Our main products are ammonium, nitrate, potassium and fluoride ion/selective electrode (ISE). We also produce pH electrodes and many other types of ion-selective electrodes.

We also produce several instruments (portable and desktop) for our ion/selective electrodes - beginning most simple and ending most sophisticated (advanced known adition method, with online calculation between molar concentration and weight concentration, multipoint calibration etc).

Tradition of producing ISE more than 50 years

We started production of fluoride ion/selective electrodes for you in 1968. Thanks to this tradition our products are the most quality.


In 2013 we broadened our assortment by conductometry. We offer conductometry cells and simple and combined instruments capable of measuring conductivity and for example pH.

Consultacy and projection

We have more than 5000 reprints related to ion-selective electrodes.

Hardware and software development

Our company also developing customer electronics. Besides our own projects (measuring instruments, which we offer in our standard assortment) we also realize custom projects, for example firmware for the instruments of our business partners, software for colecting data in production. We has a several years experience with this.
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