Electrodes with plastic membranes - series 35

electrodes with plastic membrane

The electrodes have sensitive membranes, formed by a polymeric matrix, in which an active substance is anchored. The connection of the sensitive membrane to the coaxial cable is effected by means of liquid contact. The electrode body is made of plastics. The modern design of ion-selective electrodes with a PVC membrane enables very quick replacements of the complete electrode system mounted in exchangeable module. From the point-of-view of the chemical resistivity, the electrode body is highly resistant against the normally used organic solvents, mineral acids and bases. Exchangeable modules for this series are supplied separately.

Table of electrodes parameters

Electrode Type number Tempe- rature range
Max. elect. resist.
Conc. range
pH range 
for direct potenciom.
ISA/pH electrolyte Interference
fluoroborate 05-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 4-10 NaH2 PO4
F-=8.10-5, Cl-=2.10-4, Br-=2.10-3,
I-=2.10-1, CH3COO-=9.10-1, ClO4-=9,
SCN-=4, NO3-=2.10-2, HCO3-=2.10-4,
 SO42-<10-5, H2PO4-<10-5,
nitrate 07-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 4-10 NaH2 PO4 Na2SO4 Cl-=5.10-3, Br-=8.10-1, I-=10, ClO3-=2, HCO3-=4.10-4, CH3COO-=6.10-4,
ammonium 11-35 0-40 10 10-1-10-5 4-10 MgCl2 K+=1,3.10-1, Rb+=4,8.10-2, Cs+=4,2.10-3, Na+=3,2.10-3, H+=3,7.10-4
potassium 19-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 4-10 NaCl Na+=2.10-4, NH4+=2.10-2, Rb+=2,1,
 Cs+=10-1, Li+=8.10-5, H+=4.10-4
calcium 20-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 5-9 KCl Ba2+= ~10-5, Mg2+=5.10-5, Sr2+=1,4⋅10-3, K+= ~10-6, Na+=5.10-5, Li+=5.10-3
barium 56-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 4-10 LiCl Li+=4,7.10-4, Na+=10-3, K+=2.10-3, Rb+=7.10-4, Cs+=8.10-4, NH4+=2.10-4, Ca2+=8.10-4, Sr2+=2.10-1, Mg2+=10-6
perchlorate 81-35 0-40 1 10-1-10-6 4-10 NaH2 PO4 Na2SO4 Cl-=3.10-4, Br-=6.10-4, NO3-=2.10-3,
 I-=2.10-2, F-=3.10-4

The modules with added designation M

The electrodes with plastic membranes of the series 35 are delivered in construction version with an exchangeable module. These modules are also delivered separately, so that the customer can replace only the module, in case the function of the electrode is getting worse. The modules are delivered individually, to all electrodes with plastic membranes, and are designated by a letter M in our price lists.

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