Gas sensitive electrodes - series 23

gas sensing electrode gas sensing membrane

These electrodes have a gas permeable membrane. The inner electrode system is formed by a pH glass electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode in the form of a combined pH electrode with a flat glass membrane. From the outer side, the glass membrane is covered by a microporous gas permeable filter. The space between the flat glass membrane and the gas permeable filter is filled with a thin film of buffer. The spare gas permeable filters, inner and preserving buffers, injection needle and syringe for filling the electrode with inner buffer are delivered as accessories and can be ordered separately. The electrode body is of plastics. Electrode is equipped with 1m long coaxial cable ended with BNC connector.

Table of the electrodes parametres - series 23

Electrode Type Temp.
Max. el. resist.
Conc. range [mol/l] pH range
 for direct potenciometry
ISA/pH electrolyte Interference
ammonia 10-23 0-40 500 10-1 - 10-6 13 NaOH by volatile amines
carbon dioxide 12-23 0-40 500 10-1 - 10-5 3 NaHSO4 by volatile weak acids
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