LC and Frequency meter

A lot of functionality in small box

Do you need frequency counter, tunable DDS sine generator and LC vector analyser in small box (110 x 80 x 40mm)? Then our LCF meter is right for you! This small instrument is capable not only of these things, but it is able for example measuring of harmonic distortion. You can find complete feature list bellow.

Key features of LCF Meter

How it works

Heart of instrument is a FPGA circuit which is able to calculate FFT on the fly. It is also able directly measure frequency upto 300MHz and periode with resolution of 10ns.

Instrument circuit diagram

For measuring inductance and capacitance it uses fact that phase between current and voltage in serial circuit is shifted. Instrument calculates real and imaginary part of the impedance and from that it calculates inductance and capacitance.

Harmonic distortion could be calculated from amplitude of higher harmonics. Instrument can handle measure upto 32 harmonic frequencies simultaneously.

LCF Meter can be used for these kinds of measurement:

Measuring range of the instrument

Examples of the measurement of impedance curve

Impedance curve of the LC circuit

impedance curve measurement

Impedance curve of the small speaker:

impedance curve measurement

Impedance curves were generated using NF scan tool.

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